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  • A ‘Nerve Center’ for Climate in the Biden White House
    by Lisa Friedman on 2021-01-20 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, United States Politics and Government, Appointments and Executive Changes, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry, Biden, Joseph R Jr

    President Joseph R. Biden Jr. brings with him the largest team of experts ever assembled in the White House, and action on global warming is expected quickly.

  • How Trump’s Legacy Gets Undone
    on 2021-01-20 in Biden, Joseph R Jr, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Executive Orders and Memorandums, United States Politics and Government

    Joe Biden’s climate team will be the largest ever in the White House

  • Suriname Could Be Latest Big Oil Find as Industry Cuts Costs
    by Clifford Krauss on 2021-01-20 in Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Politics and Government, Prices (Fares, Fees and Rates), Drilling and Boring, Production, Exxon Mobil Corp, Petronas (Petroliam Nasional Berhad), Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Total SA, Apache Corp, Suriname, South America, Guyana, Brazil, Poverty

    The small South American country has become a hot prospect for oil companies looking to produce fossil fuels while spending less.

  • Court Voids a ‘Tortured’ Trump Climate Rollback
    by Lisa Friedman on 2021-01-20 in Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Coal, Electric Light and Power, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Biden, Joseph R Jr, , Donald J, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry, Factories and Manufacturing, Decisions and Verdicts, Wheeler, Andrew R, Environmental Protection Agency, United States Politics and Government

    The ruling strikes down weak rules for coal-burning power plants and gives the Biden administration a freer hand to impose tighter restrictions.

  • Supreme Court Case Could Limit Future Lawsuits Against Fossil Fuel Industry
    by John Schwartz on 2021-01-19 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Baltimore (Md), Supreme Court (US)

    The court heard arguments on a technical legal question in a case that demands fossil fuel companies help pay for the costs of dealing with climate change.

  • Businesses Aim to Pull Greenhouse Gases From the Air. It’s a Gamble.
    by Brad Plumer and Christopher Flavelle on 2021-01-19 in Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Global Warming, Corporations, United Airlines, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Carbon Engineering, Climeworks AG, Stripe Inc, Boston Consulting Group, Innovation

    A surge of corporate money could soon transform carbon removal from science fiction to reality. But there are risks: The very idea could offer industry an excuse to maintain dangerous habits.

  • Biden to Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline in Inauguration Day Executive Order
    by Michael D. Shear and Coral Davenport on 2021-01-18 in United States Politics and Government, Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Pipelines, Keystone Pipeline System, Oil Sands, Executive Orders and Memorandums, Global Warming, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Trump, Donald J, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Canada

    The project had already been languishing, but the action by Mr. Biden would signal his determination to undo President Trump’s environmental legacy.

  • Can the World Break Up With Fossil Fuels? Watch the Conversation.
    by The New York Times on 2021-01-18 in Global Warming, Energy and Power, Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, internal-paywall-exempt

    The Times is hosting a series of virtual events ahead of global climate talks in November. This month’s topic: the demand for energy and what can be learned from the pandemic.

  • Finding a Foothold for Nordic Skiing in Rural Alaska
    by Seth Adams on 2021-01-18 in Skiing, Rural Areas, Polar Bears, Travel and Vacations, Photography, Alaska, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Arctic Regions, Kaktovik (Alaska), Nulato (Alaska)

    The harsh wind-hammered tundra sometimes complicates the prospect, as do the polar bears. But the children are enthusiastic pupils.

  • Hounded by Wildfires, Californians Rethink Their Willingness to Rebuild
    by Debra Kamin on 2021-01-17 in Real Estate and Housing (Residential), Wildfires, Building (Construction), Affordable Housing, Renting and Leasing (Real Estate), Los Angeles County (Calif), Malibu (Calif), Sierra Nevada Region (US), Riverside County (Calif), San Bernardino County (Calif)

    In the aftermath, some people are deciding to just begin new lives elsewhere. The pandemic and longstanding housing problems haven’t made the choices any easier.

  • The Sunday Read: ‘Fighting Climate Change, Whatever It Takes’
    on 2021-01-17 in Global Warming, United States, Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline

    How a group of five activists decided to fight global warming by doing whatever it takes.

  • Climate Change Survey: Majority of Voters Support Initiatives
    by John Schwartz on 2021-01-15 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, United States Politics and Government, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Law and Legislation, Labor and Jobs, Biden, Joseph R Jr

    A survey carried out after the November election found that 66 percent of respondents said that developing sources of clean energy should be a high or very high priority.

  • 2020 is Tied With 2016 as Hottest Year Ever on Record
    by Henry Fountain on 2021-01-15 in Global Warming, Environment, Temperature, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Wildfires, Drought, Two Thousand Twenty, European Union, European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

    The global average temperature in 2020 was about 2.25 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the average from 1850 to 1900, data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service indicates.

  • Toyota to Pay a Record Fine for a Decade of Clean Air Act Violations
    by Hiroko Tabuchi on 2021-01-15 in Automobiles, Toyota Motor Corp, Fines (Penalties), Air Pollution, Fuel Emissions (Transportation), Fuel Efficiency

    Toyota’s $180 million settlement with the federal government follows a series of emissions-related scandals in the auto industry.

  • Tesla Might Finally Have Some Competition. From Ford.
    by Neal E. Boudette on 2021-01-15 in Automobiles, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles and Light Trucks, Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions, Ford Motor Co, Tesla Motors Inc, Volkswagen AG, United States

    Traditional automakers have struggled to sell electric cars. That could change as Ford, Volkswagen and others introduce new models.

  • The Capitol Riot and Climate Disinformation
    on 2021-01-13 in Global Warming, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Capitol Building (Washington, DC), United States Politics and Government, Trump, Donald J, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    They’re more closely related than you might think

  • Trump Opens Habitat of a Threatened Owl to Timber Harvesting
    by Lisa Friedman and Catrin Einhorn on 2021-01-13 in Global Warming, Owls, Environment, Endangered and Extinct Species, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, United States Politics and Government, Forests and Forestry, Federal Lands, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry, Trump, Donald J

    Going far beyond expectations, the Trump administration eliminated protection from more than three million acres of northern spotted owl habitat in the Pacific Northwest.

  • A Late Burst of Climate Denial Extends the Era of Trump Disinformation
    by Lisa Friedman and Christopher Flavelle on 2021-01-12 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, United States Politics and Government, Science and Technology, Rumors and Misinformation, Office of Science and Technology Policy, US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), Legates, David, Trump, Donald J

    Two Trump administration officials have been reassigned over the posting of debunked papers, with the imprimatur of the White House, that questioned the scientific consensus on climate change.

  • Covid Took a Bite From U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020
    by Brad Plumer on 2021-01-12 in Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Rhodium Group LLC, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Coal, Electric Light and Power, Transportation, Wildfires

    Emissions plunged more than 10 percent. If the trend can be sustained, it would put the United States within striking distance of one of its major goals under the Paris climate agreement.

  • Sally Rooney to Publish ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’
    by Alexandra Alter on 2021-01-12 in Books and Literature, Rooney, Sally (Author), Book Trade and Publishing, Writing and Writers, Content Type: Personal Profile, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Angel, Mitzi, Conversations With Friends (Book), Normal People (Book), Ireland, Beautiful World, Where Are You (Book)

    The novel, which follows four young people in Ireland, is part of a two-book deal for the best-selling author of “Normal People” and “Conversations With Friends.”

  • A Memoir That Sees Only the Tip of the Melting Iceberg
    by Ben Ehrenreich on 2021-01-12 in Books and Literature, Global Warming, Unsolaced: Along the Way to All That Is (Book), Ehrlich, Gretel, Content Type: Personal Profile

    In “Unsolaced,” Gretel Ehrlich tells a story of personal discovery against the backdrop of the climate crisis.

  • Capitol Rioters Walked Away. Climate Protesters Saw a Double Standard.
    by John Schwartz on 2021-01-08 in Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Police, Capitol Building (Washington, DC), Global Warming, Trump, Donald J, United States Politics and Government, Storming of the US Capitol (Jan, 2021)

    “There’s two worlds,” said one community activist who has been arrested several times at nonviolent protests. “And we’ve got to fix that.”

  • U.S. Disaster Costs Doubled in 2020, Reflecting Costs of Climate Change
    by Christopher Flavelle on 2021-01-07 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Disasters and Emergencies, Insurance, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Wildfires, Munich Re

    The $95 billion in damage came in a year marked by a record number of named Atlantic storms, as well as the largest wildfires recorded in California.

  • Sale of Drilling Leases in Arctic Refuge Fails to Yield a Windfall
    by Henry Fountain on 2021-01-06 in Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Drilling and Boring, Bureau of Land Management, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

    Just half of the 22 available tracts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge got bids, and big oil companies stayed away.

  • What the Senate Vote Could Mean
    by Lisa Friedman on 2021-01-06 in Global Warming, United States Politics and Government, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Trump, Donald J, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry, Senate, Ossoff, Jon, Warnock, Raphael G, Elections

    Activists are already calling on Democrats to take bold action