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  • White House Releases New Plan for Seismic Tests in Arctic Refuge
    by Henry Fountain on 2020-10-24 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Wilderness Areas, Polar Bears, Drilling and Boring, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Arctic Regions, Alaska

    The survey would bring heavy trucks looking for signs of oil reserves into one of the most remote and pristine parts of the United States.

  • Why The Colorado Wildfires Feel Like a Season Without End
    by Charlie Brennan and Jack Healy on 2020-10-24 in Fires and Firefighters, Wildfires, Colorado, Global Warming

    After a horrific summer of fires in the West, Colorado is fighting out-of-control fires as ski season approaches.

  • She Was in Labor. Floodwaters Were Rising. Then the Boat Tipped Over.
    by Chau Doan and Mike Ives on 2020-10-24 in Vietnam, Floods, Rain, Deaths (Fatalities)

    A pregnant woman who drowned in Vietnam was one of at least 114 people killed in record-breaking floods that have pummeled the country’s central coast.

  • 5 Policy Issues Where Trump and Biden Diverged at Final Debate
    by Glenn Thrush and Matt Stevens on 2020-10-24 in Presidential Election of 2020, Debates (Political), Global Warming, Coronavirus Risks and Safety Concerns, Health Insurance and Managed Care, Immigration and Emigration, Criminal Justice, , Donald J, Biden, Joseph R Jr

    The debate on Thursday night had long stretches of illuminating policy discussion on , health care, the coronavirus, immigration and criminal and racial justice.

  • A Debate Pledge to ‘Transition’ From Oil Puts Climate at Center of Campaign Finale
    by Lisa Friedman on 2020-10-23 in Global Warming, Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Presidential Election of 2020, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Trump, Donald J, Debates (Political), United States Politics and Government, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Alternative and Renewable Energy

    Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s debate statement that he would “transition” the country away from oil gave President Trump an opening and thrust climate change center stage.

  • Fix, or Toss? The ‘Right to Repair’ Movement Gains Ground
    by Paola Rosa-Aquino on 2020-10-23 in Consumer Protection, Law and Legislation, Home Appliances, Medical Devices, Smartphones, Computers and the Internet, Global Warming, Apple Inc, Deere & Company

    Both Republicans and Democrats are pursuing laws to make it easier for people to fix cellphones, cars, even hospital ventilators. In Europe, the movement is further along.

  • Europe Moves to Protect Nature, but Faces Criticism Over Subsidizing Farms
    by Somini Sengupta on 2020-10-23 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Agriculture and Farming, United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Land Use Policies, Biodiversity

    The proposal would protect 30 percent of the continent’s land and water by 2030.

  • Here’s Where Biden and Trump Stand on the Issues
    by Thomas Kaplan and Michael D. Shear on 2020-10-23 in Presidential Election of 2020, Debates (Political), Biden, Joseph R Jr, Trump, Donald J, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), United States International Relations, Race and Ethnicity, Families and Family Life, Global Warming

    President Trump and Joe Biden will have their last major opportunity on Thursday to promote their record and criticize their opponent as they address questions on the coronavirus crisis, race, national security and more.

  • Oil Industry Expresses Concern, Not Alarm, About Biden Comments
    by Clifford Krauss on 2020-10-23 in Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Presidential Election of 2020, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Natural Gas, Shale, Coal, Pennsylvania, Texas, United States, Global Warming

    After the candidate called for a “transition” away from oil and gas, executives said the country would need fossil fuels for decades to come.

  • James Redford, Documentarian and Environmentalist, Dies at 58
    by Neil Genzlinger on 2020-10-23 in Redford, James, Deaths (Obituaries), Redford, Robert, Movies, Documentary Films and Programs, Transplants, Organ Donation, Environment

    After two liver transplants, he founded an institute to increase awareness. He and his father, Robert Redford, also championed environmental films.

  • What Topics Do Our Readers Want Trump and Biden to Debate?
    by Isabella Grullón Paz on 2020-10-23 in Presidential Election of 2020, United States Politics and Government, Trump, Donald J, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Global Warming, Income Inequality, Abortion, Education, Debates (Political)

    In a year racked by crises, many important issues have been overshadowed. Times readers weighed in on what they want the candidates to address.

  • Hurricane Epsilon Swerves by Bermuda After a ‘Wobbly’ Northwest Turn
    by Derrick Bryson Taylor and Johnny Diaz on 2020-10-23 in Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Global Warming, Bermuda, Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Epsilon

    A tropical storm warning for the island was lifted as the storm passed “well east of Bermuda.”

  • What Do Polls Say About the Issues on the Agenda for Tonight’s Debate?
    by Giovanni Russonello on 2020-10-23 in Presidential Election of 2020, Polls and Public Opinion, Debates (Political), Biden, Joseph R Jr, Trump, Donald J, United States Politics and Government, Black People, United States International Relations, Race and Ethnicity, Black Lives Matter Movement, Families and Family Life, Global Warming

    On topics from climate change to leadership, most Americans say they prefer Joe Biden over President Trump.

  • By Calling Climate Change ‘Controversial,’ Barrett Created Controversy
    by John Schwartz and Hiroko Tabuchi on 2020-10-22 in Global Warming, Barrett, Amy Coney, Supreme Court (US), Appointments and Executive Changes, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, United States Politics and Government

    Judge Amy Coney Barrett refused to answer numerous questions, but it was her avoidance of acknowledging climate change that particularly resonated.

  • An Electric Car With Swedish Roots, and a Rebellious Streak
    by Eric A. Taub on 2020-10-22 in Volvo Car Corp, Polestar Performance AB, Automobiles, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

    The Polestar 2 inherits some classic Scandinavian design elements from its Volvo lineage, but aims to be a little more free spirited.

  • The Newest Thing in Fashion? Old Clothes
    by Vanessa Friedman on 2020-10-22 in Fashion and Apparel, Sustainable Living, Thrift Shops, Shopping and Retail, Recycling of Waste Materials, Upcycling, Display Copy (Magazine), Magazines, your-feed-fashion

    Disposability is no longer chic. A new magazine joins a host of big brands in exploring the joys of upcycling.

  • Europe Wonders if It Can Rely on U.S. Again, Whoever Wins
    by Steven Erlanger on 2020-10-22 in United States International Relations, Presidential Election of 2020, United States Politics and Government, Politics and Government, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, International Trade and World Market, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Group of Seven, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, Europe, Trump, Donald J, Macron, Emmanuel (1977- ), Merkel, Angela, European Union

    America’s deeply polarized politics have marked foreign policy, too, undermining Washington’s authority and reputation for reliability.

  • Belching Cows and Endless Feedlots: Fixing Cattle’s Climate Issues
    by Henry Fountain and George Steinmetz on 2020-10-21 in Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Cattle, Livestock, Methane, Agriculture and Farming, Texas, your-feed-photojournalism, Beef, Cargill Inc, Factory Farming

    The United States is home to 95 million cattle, and changing what they eat could have a significant effect on emissions of greenhouse gases like methane that are warming the world.

  • What Cows Eat Affects Climate
    by Henry Fountain and Veronica Penney on 2020-10-21 in Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Livestock, Factory Farming

    Also this week, voters in Colorado decide on protections for wolves.

  • Oil Industry Turns to Mergers and Acquisitions to Survive
    by Clifford Krauss on 2020-10-20 in Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures, Prices (Fares, Fees and Rates), Layoffs and Job Reductions, ConocoPhillips, Concho Resources Inc, Shale, Stocks and Bonds, Natural Gas, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Chevron Corporation, Noble Energy Inc, Permian Basin (North America), Texas, Devon Energy Corporation, WPX Energy Inc

    With the price of a barrel stuck around $40 and no recovery in sight, companies are combining to cut costs and ride out the pandemic.

  • A 30-Mile Rafting Trip Through Alaska’s Tongass National Forest
    by Christopher Miller on 2020-10-20 in Tongass National Forest (Alaska), Forests and Forestry, Canoes and Canoeing, Travel Warnings, Islands, United States Politics and Government, Roads and Traffic, Travel and Vacations, Geese, Wilderness Areas, Trump, Donald J, Alaska, Juneau (Alaska)

    The Honker Divide Canoe Route draws intrepid travelers through the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest. But the lifting of logging restrictions may indelibly alter its character.

  • How Many Plants Have We Wiped Out? Here Are 5 Extinction Stories
    by Marion Renault on 2020-10-19 in Flowers and Plants, Trees and Shrubs, Endangered and Extinct Species, Conservation of Resources, Gardens and Gardening, Research, Conservation Biology (Journal), North America, Chicago (Ill), Presidio National Park (Calif), San Francisco (Calif), Michigan, Ontario (Canada), Georgia, your-feed-science

    Botanists have laid out evidence that dozens of North American trees, herbs, plants and shrubs have gone extinct since European settlers arrived.

  • The Promise of Pawpaw
    by Rachel Wharton on 2020-10-19 in Trees and Shrubs, Quarantine (Life and Culture), Fruit, Agriculture and Farming, Global Warming, Pawpaw (fruit)

    Issues like climate change, economic inequity and access to food have brought more attention to this creamy fruit and its resilient tree.

  • Landslide in Vietnam Kills at Least 20 Military Personnel
    by Livia Albeck-Ripka on 2020-10-19 in Landslides and Mudslides, Floods, Disasters and Emergencies, Deaths (Fatalities), Rain, Vietnam

    Search-and-rescue efforts were underway after a landslide in the central province of Quang Tri, resulting in what may be the country’s greatest military loss in peacetime.

  • Fracking Is Trump’s ‘Hail Mary’ Against Biden
    by Lisa Friedman on 2020-10-18 in Trump, Donald J, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing, Presidential Election of 2020, United States Politics and Government, Pennsylvania, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Green New Deal

    President Trump has made fracking a “Hail Mary” attack on Joe Biden in the industrial Midwest, but three weeks before Election Day, it does not seem to be working.