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  • Hurricane Forecast: ‘One of the Most Active Seasons on Record’
    by Henry Fountain on 2020-08-06 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Weather, Oceans and Seas, Floods

    Scientists at NOAA updated their prediction for the 2020 hurricane season, and now expect as many as 25 named storms.

  • Hurricane Douglas: Hawaii Braces for ‘Triple Threat’
    by Bryan Pietsch and Christina Morales on 2020-08-06 in Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Wind, Floods, Hawaii, Hurricane Douglas

    Forecasters predicted three to six inches of rain on the main islands, possibly contributing to flash flooding and landslides.

  • Why Hurricanes Bring Tornadoes After They Make Landfall
    by Henry Fountain on 2020-08-06 in Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Weather, Tornadoes, Mid-Atlantic States (US), Hurricane Isaias

    Tornadoes start in the outer edges of hurricanes. Once a storm is over land, the increase in surface friction can lead to twisters.

  • Hurricane, Fire, Covid-19: Disasters Expose the Hard Reality of Climate Change
    by Christopher Flavelle and Henry Fountain on 2020-08-06 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Disasters and Emergencies, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Wildfires, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Floods, Federal Emergency Management Agency, California, East Coast (US)

    Twin emergencies on two coasts this week — Hurricane Isaias and the Apple Fire — offer a preview of life in a warming world and the steady danger of overlapping disasters.

  • Gold vs. Salmon: An Alaska Mine Project Just Got a Boost
    by Henry Fountain and Acacia Johnson on 2020-08-06 in Mines and Mining, Water Pollution, Lakes, Salmon, Pipelines, Fishing, Commercial, Hazardous and Toxic Substances, Fish and Other Marine Life, Alaska, Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd, , Donald J, Iliamna Lake (Alaska), Alaska Natives, Bristol Bay (Alaska)

    The Trump Administration, rejecting concerns over the risks to Alaska’s fishery, cleared the way on Friday for the Pebble Mine.

  • Trump Signs Landmark Great American Outdoors Act
    by Annie Karni on 2020-08-06 in Trump, Donald J, United States Politics and Government, Law and Legislation, Land Use Policies, Environment, Conservation of Resources, Land and Water Conservation Fund, Parks and Other Recreation Areas, Yosemite National Park (Calif), Environmental Protection Agency, Pebble Mine (Bristol Bay, Alaska), Daines, Steve, Gardner, Cory S, Ayers, Nick (1982- ), Trump, Donald J Jr, Democratic Party, Republican Party, House of Representatives, Senate, Cunningham, Joe

    The bipartisan Great American Outdoors Act guarantees funding for federal land use efforts. The president claimed credit for Republicans.

  • It’s Trump Jr. vs. Trump Sr. Over an Alaskan Mineral Mine
    by Michael D. Shear and Henry Fountain on 2020-08-05 in Trump, Donald J Jr, Ayers, Nick (1982- ), Mines and Mining, Conservation of Resources, Environment, Fishing, Commercial, Fishing, Sport, Salmon, Bristol Bay (Alaska), Pebble Limited Partnership, Army Corps of Engineers, United States Politics and Government, Trump, Donald J, Pebble Mine (Bristol Bay, Alaska)

    The move toward opening the Pebble Mine has surfaced a rare dispute between Donald Trump Jr. and his father’s administration.

  • When Disasters Overlap
    by Christopher Flavelle and Greta Moran on 2020-08-05 in Global Warming, Disasters and Emergencies, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Floods, Wildfires, Air Conditioning, Heatstroke

    Also this week, how to help a neighbor when it’s hot

  • BP Reports a Huge Loss and Vows to Increase Renewable Investment
    by Stanley Reed on 2020-08-05 in Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Energy and Power, Global Warming, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), BP Plc, Looney, Bernard (1970- )

    The European oil giant has plans for a future with more electrical generation.

  • ‘The Animals Are Dying. Soon We Will Be Alone Here.’
    by Michael Christie on 2020-08-04 in Books and Literature, Migrations: A Novel (Book), McConaghy, Charlotte (Author)

    In “Migrations,” Charlotte McConaghy’s visceral reimagining of “Moby-Dick,” a young woman documents some of the world’s last surviving seabirds.

  • Where a Little Mortgage Goes a Long Way
    by Matthew Goldstein on 2020-08-02 in Mortgages, Real Estate and Housing (Residential), Banking and Financial Institutions, Black People, Race and Ethnicity, Finances, Affordable Housing, Urban Institute, Louisville (Ky), Hispanic-Americans

    Affordable homes can be hard to buy because lenders don’t make much money on small loans. But programs to encourage homeownership can help buyers build wealth.

  • Scorching Temperatures Bake Middle East Amid Eid al-Adha Celebrations
    by Falih Hassan and Elian Peltier on 2020-08-01 in Weather, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Global Warming, United Nations Framework Convention on , Tel Aviv University, World Meteorological Organization, Amara (Iraq), Amman (Jordan), Baghdad (Iraq), Basra (Iraq), Damascus (Syria), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon

    Record high temperatures were recorded in Baghdad and Damascus, and experts warned of the effects of prolonged heat waves as the planet warms.

  • On the Lookout for Moose on Michigan’s Isle Royale
    by Tony Cenicola on 2020-08-01 in Isle Royale National Park (Mich), Moose, Photography, National Parks, Monuments and Seashores, Camps and Camping, Travel and Vacations, National Park Service

    The remote Isle Royale, tucked away in the northern reaches of Lake Superior, is one of America’s least visited national parks.

  • A Quarter of Bangladesh Is Flooded. Millions Have Lost Everything.
    by Somini Sengupta and Julfikar Ali Manik on 2020-07-30 in Bangladesh, Brahmaputra River (India), Floods, Monsoons, Poverty, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Humanitarian Aid, Cyclone Amphan, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Third World and Developing Countries

    The country’s latest calamity illustrates a striking inequity of our time: The people least responsible for climate change are among those most hurt by its consequences.

  • Rising Seas Could Menace Millions Beyond Shorelines, Study Finds
    by Brad Plumer on 2020-07-30 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Floods, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Air Pollution

    As climate change raises sea levels, storm surges and high tides will push farther inland, a team of researchers says.

  • It’s Summer. Let’s Talk About Hockey.
    by David Waldstein, Veronica Penney and Lisa Friedman on 2020-07-29 in Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Hockey, Ice, Ice, Canada, Canadian Geographer (Journal), Research, Environmental Health Perspectives (Journal), Air Pollution, Children and Childhood

    Also this week, health benefits from cutting emissions

  • Oil and Gas Groups See ‘Some Common Ground’ in Biden Energy Plan
    by Clifford Krauss and Ivan Penn on 2020-07-29 in Presidential Election of 2020, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, United States Politics and Government, Natural Gas, Wind Power, Solar Energy, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, United States International Relations, American Petroleum Institute, Edison Electric Institute, Edison International, Tellurian Incorporated, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Trump, Donald J

    Some energy executives are pleased that the former vice president is not calling for a fracking ban and said they could work with him.

  • Cold Comfort: France to Ban Heated Terraces, but Not This Winter
    by Constant Méheut on 2020-07-28 in Restaurants, Balconies and Terraces, Environment, Macron, Emmanuel (1977- ), Paris (France), France

    The ban is part of a series of environmental measures meant to curb energy consumption and push the nation toward a greener economy.

  • Pollution Is Killing Black Americans. This Community Fought Back.
    by Linda Villarosa on 2020-07-28 in Black People, Hazardous and Toxic Substances, Philadelphia (Pa), Waste Materials and Disposal, Discrimination, Air Pollution, Global Warming, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Philadelphia Energy Solutions, Cancer, Refineries, Asthma

    African-Americans are 75 percent more likely than others to live near facilities that produce hazardous waste. Can a grass-roots environmental-justice movement make a difference?

  • E.P.A. Inspector General to Investigate Trump’s Biggest Climate Rollback
    by Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman on 2020-07-28 in Global Warming, Environment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, United States Politics and Government, Fuel Efficiency, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry, Inspectors General, Environmental Protection Agency, Trump, Donald J

    The agency’s watchdog office said Monday it would investigate whether the reversal of Obama-era fuel efficiency standards violated government rules.

  • The Uncertain Future of Midtown
    by Mihir Zaveri on 2020-07-27 in New York City, Midtown Area (Manhattan, NY), Coronavirus Reopenings, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Flowers and Plants, Global Warming

    Midtown Manhattan faces an economic catastrophe, a cascade of loss upon loss in the city’s corporate heart that threatens to alter its identity. 

  • 3 Storms Churn Across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
    by Derrick Bryson Taylor on 2020-07-26 in Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, Oceans and Seas, National Hurricane Center, Hawaii, Texas, Weather, Hurricane Douglas, Tropical Storm Hanna, Wind, Tropical Storm Gonzalo

    Hurricane Douglas is headed for Hawaii and Hurricane Hanna made landfall in Texas on Saturday. Gonzalo was downgraded to a tropical depression, forecasters said.

  • Your Used Mask Needs to Make It to the Trash Can
    by Marie Fazio on 2020-07-25 in Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Masks, Pollution, Water Pollution, Plastic Bags, National Parks, Monuments and Seashores, Plastics, Protective Clothing and Gear, Waste Materials and Disposal, Citizens Campaign for the Environment

    They’re on beaches, in parking lots and on sidewalks. You probably won’t catch the coronavirus from a discarded mask, but the litter poses a risk to the environment.