Season of the Elf

This time of year there is a lot of talk about Santa and many of us seem to have forgotten what christmas is all about. No I’m not talking about baby Jesus or the three vise men (or were they the three wiseguys?) chasing a star. I’m talking about Buddy the Elf. Will Ferrell is unforgettable as the elf that just doesn’t seem to fit in on the north pole among the others. Santa sends him to New York to try and find his father and as it turns out he doesn’t really fit in to well in the big city eather.I’d say Elf is the best film Ferrell has done. Not that I’d seen everything he’s done, or that he’s bad in his other films, but it’s hard to beat this one even if it sort of has a short screening window every year.When the film was pitched and early on Will Ferrell wasn’t the obvious choise for Elf. Jim Carrey was going to play Buddy, but production took 10 years and when it was time to start filming Carrey had other projects going, so Ferrell got the part.If You’re a Game of Thrones-fan You’re going to love when Buddy the Elf takes on Tyrion Lancaster, or rather gets attacked by him for calling him an elf.Some fun facts: The apartment in which Buddy’s dad lives is the same apartment building in which Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) lived in the original Ghostbusters movie, The elfs at the north pole weren’t CGI, eben if many thaught so. The snow on the other hand was. And Will Ferrell once did work as a department store Santa.And guess what. Will Ferrell was offered 29 million dollars for the sequel but he turned it down and the studio figured they couldn’t make an Elf 2 without him.If Elf is on TV I’m going to watch it again and I suggest You do the same. You get to see an angry Peter Dinklage, James Caan as Buddys father and Mary Steenburgen as his stepmother. She actually played his stepmother again in Stepbrothers 7 years later. And of course we get to see (and hear) Zooey Deschanel sing cristmas carrols in the shower.ElfIs Elf on Netflix for Christmas 2019?Check out the Elf (2003) movie cast now: Buddy’s step brother, girlfriend and dad!23 Elf movie facts – from who nearly played Buddy to who really did the 12 second burp

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